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Hey folks, looking for some awesome premium iconsets ? Well, lucky for you , i’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite awesome icon sets under $10 you can buy on Gumroad.

1. animal crossing iconset 2


This set contains 16 animal crossing icons (png and ico) and one desktop wallpaper, one mobile phone wallpaper.

Price: $5

Get it here:

2. DuoTone Icon — Food and Beverage Iconset

I’m in love with Figma. I have been using this cornerstone for 3 years now and never looked back. Recently they publish Figma community. A wonderful place where community shares their best open , ready to duplicate files with the world.

Here I’m made a curated list of best files and plugins form Figma Community for the month of August. Hope you’ll like it.

Neu Icons

Neu is a free crisp cohesive growing icon set library that provides wide range categories. Based on 24px grid material. It brings the powerful look amongst your project. Created with a simple basic object, combine it…

What is the Facebook profile picture size or Facebook banner size? How wide is the page of your brand? What’s the maximum video upload size? Here are all the numbers you need!

Facebook Business Page sizes

Make sure you fill in all the data and design the Facebook images for your business’s Facebook page. Facebook page which seems to be under construction will reflect poorly on your brand. The most important you need to get right is Facebook cover photo size. …

As an UI/UX Designer you might having a boring day . Or just want to made your beautiful designer colleague to laugh . Here are 25 curated UI/UX Meme to spice up your day .

  1. Wait , there is difference ?

2. I mean it ;)

Whenever it comes to build a consumer or B2B solution, the first question the product designers would ask “Who are the user and what’s the market ?”. And if its for emerging markets and for general users of those markets, things get a little complex.

What is an emerging market ?

According to Wikipedia ,

An emerging market is a country that has some characteristics of a developed market, but does not meet standards to be a developed market. This includes countries that may become developed markets in the future or were in the past.


An emerging market economy (EME) is defined as an economy…

Let’s admit it first and freely.

As an UI designer I regularly work on Adobe Creative Cloud apps on Windows . Such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect etc. On day I discover the one of the greatest invention for UI designers, Sketch. It makes the design process 10x faster .

As like other I was really exited about sketch, but wait !!! what ??? It’s available only on MacOS. You gotta be kidding me :(

ok, Not every one can afford a high configuration MacBook for graphics designing. So what can we do ?

since then I had…

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